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This page is for anyone, civilian or military, who is interested in improving themselves as an organizational leader. In the Army, we earn our reputation leading small units in challenging situations. As a Company Grade Officer (Lieutenant to Captain), I served with the very best warriors during training for combat as well as operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. I learned a lot during these formative years, but was still exceptionally challenged during my transition to Field Grade, or organizational, leadership.

The purpose of this page is to create a dialogue amongst leaders in the Profession of Arms. This forum serves as a repository of key thoughts for leaders transitioning to key and developmental positions as Majors as well as a place for more senior officers to provide insight based on experience.

Take a look through the articles and resources provided on this site, they are rooted in my experience as a Corps and Brigade Planner, Battalion S3 and XO, and Brigade S3.

So where do you go from here? Check out these articles and get engaged in the conversation!

Your Field Grade In Brief

The Science and Art of Being a Major

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