The Field Grade Reading Program

Knowing Your Foe- An Analysis of the Russian Army

Welcome to The Field Grade Reading Program. In this forum we will conduct an in-depth analysis of various topics important to Field Grade Leaders and Military professionals. We will distribute one chapter a week with observations designed to foster discussion.

We chose to focus on the Russian Army for the first series. While we cannot know who our next foe will be, they will likely receive training, use non-US equipment, or model their military system on one of our near peers.

The staff of the Office of Foreign Military Studies was kind enough to let us use the Russian Way of War by Grau and Bartles, the original content can be found at

The first chapter covers the Russian personnel system and some markedly different approaches to manning the force.

The Russian Way of War (Grau and Bartles) Personnel System 

The second chapter covers Russian force structure and alignment, which has changed in recent years.

The Russian Way of War – Chapter 2

The third chapter covers the Russian Army’s doctrinal approach to defense.
The Russian Way of War (Grau and Bartles) The Defense